Corneal Ulcers in Dogs wholesale custom eyelash packaging

Dog corneal ulcers result from a wound to the eyes surface. Injuries of this sort are commonly caused by the intrusion of some foreign object such as a branch brushed against while playing, but even something as small as an wholesale custom eyelash packaging can cause an abrasion. In some cases, inadequate production of tears can also lead to injury. While most small scratches will heal without treatment, larger and deeper injuries could expose the eye to infection. This infection can then cause a perforation to form, worsening the condition. A veterinarian will commonly prescribe antibiotics to help treat the ulcers.

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wholesale custom eyelash packaging

Oawad Symptoms of Corneal Ulcers in Dogs
Symptoms of ulcers are relatively easy to spot and include the following:
· Excessive tearing
· Redness in the white area of the eye
· Cloudiness in the lens or pupil
· Squinting
· Lethargy (due to infection)

Diagnosis of Dog Corneal Ulcers
While the symptoms of corneal ulcers are relatively clear to the naked eye, your veterinarian will make a definitive diagnosis by using an eye stain that will help make the location of the ulcer clear. Once the location is determined, this can help determine the cause of the ulcer. Generally, ulcers in the corner of the eye result from the intrusion of some foreign objet such as an wholesale custom eyelash packaging , while those in the middle are usually caused by an injury.

Treatment of Corneal Ulcers in Dogs
Depending on where the ulcer is located, and how severe it is, your veterinarian might prescribe a number of treatments. Relatively minor ulcers can be treated with medications such as Neobacimyx Opthalmic Ointmen, though to make sure your dog doesn’t rub his eyes as a result of their application, you might also need to apply an Elizabethan Collar such as Kong E-Collar. In the case of deeper wounds, surgery might be required followed by treatment with antibiotics such as Clavamox to avoid possible infection.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging
wholesale custom eyelash packaging

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