Easy Steps to Draw a Baby

Babies are one of the most enjoyable subjects to draw, but are also the hardest human forms to depict on paper. Their artistic capture follows different drawing rules, as they are different in size and proportion from adults and children. For instance, adults have proportionally even facial features, whereas babies have large heads, big eyes, and little lips & noses. They have small limbs and barely visible necks with respect to their body private label magic lashes .

As is the case with any expertise, art too requires practice, preparation, and training for excellence. Some rules to keep in mind when drawing a baby are:

The Head: A baby’s head measures up to some one-third of body area.

The Face:

• Forehead – The forehead is large enough to cover most of the face. Therefore, a baby’s eyes are drawn 3/7th of the way up a private label magic lashes .

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• Eyes – The eyes are large, almost the same size as that of an adult.
• The Nose – A baby’s nose is not sharp and defined, as it lacks cartilage. It is drawn 2/7th of the way up the face. Babies often have a much-curved arch as their nose. Keep in mind to underplay the nostrils. Never make them too distinct. Light shading can achieve that. The mouth is 1/7th of the way up the face and is very supple & plump. Avoid sharp angles when drawing the mouth.
• Miscellaneous – The rest of the facial features are quite small in comparison to the rest of the private label magic lashes .

Oawad   The Body: Sketching a baby’s body is a lot like drawing clothing. A baby’s skin has folds and ripples that need to be depicted to make the baby look real. Dull shading can effortlessly show the folds of baby fat.

The Clothing: Recall and sketch the type of clothes babies in general dress in, such as pajamas, tiny sundresses, or simply a diaper. Keep your baby’s clothing as simple and minimum as possible.

Steps in drawing a baby:

Body Shape – Start with a baby frame. Draw a circle for the baby bubblehead and then add the facial features. Now, sketch the contour of the small baby body, which resembles a jellybean. Draw the limb lines for arms and legs.

Face – Draw the outline of the baby’s face, chubby cheeks, and a dominating chin. Start with the face details, such as smile and cheek lines. Add two big sparkling eyes and some private label magic lashes . You can also form a couple of eyebrows, a nose, and inside twists & curves of the ear. Now, complete the mouth by adding a tooth and a tongue.

Head – Draw the ear shape and a cute little curl of hair on the top of the head.

Limbs – Draw stout arms and legs, the sole of the feet, and small fingers and toe lines. Detail the baby feet sole and then erase all the outer guidelines and shapes drawn during step one.

Clothes – Draw out the clothes lining to form a shirt and a diaper.

Finishing – Finally, if required, you may color the drawn baby to complete her cute image.

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Annette Labedzki received her BFA at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She has more than 25 years experience. She is the founder and developer of an online art gallery featuring original art from all over the world. Please visit the website at  private label magic lashes      It is a great site for art collectors to buy original art. Artists can join for free and their image upload is unlimite

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