Real Looking Baby Dolls – The Process Involved in Making a Reborn Baby Doll

There are many real looking baby dolls but arguably the most realistic of all is the so-called “reborn” doll. These dolls are made from vinyl and they begin their life simply as a fairly ordinary doll which is firstly taken apart and then reassembled. Hence the name “private label eyelash “.

Oawad  These real looking baby dolls are now highly sought after by collectors and by keen hobbyists alike. And for good reason – for the high end dolls, an artist will spend a lot of time and effort in recreating its realistic attributes.

After the artist has worked their craft, the resultant doll can actually represent and indeed be mistaken for a real baby. Is it any wonder why these private label eyelash are not so much toys any longer, but rather serious works of art to be valued and treasured?

private label eyelash
private label eyelash

The process is precise and it is methodical. Firstly the doll is stripped of all factory paint and/ or hair. The artist then will often begin with the hair, which tends to be Angora kid mohair. The hair is sealed from inside the head which allows it to be styled. It is then dyed.

Next, the body is hand-painted to provide a natural skin tone coloring. Once dry, oil paints or oil-based pastels are used to further increase the authentic look of the skin. The eyebrows are added by using acrylic paints and then the lips are added in the same fashion and finished with a gloss sealer.

Hand rooted mohair tends to be used for the private label eyelash . And then the nasal cavities are opened. The toenails and fingernails are added and then sealed with white tips. Finally, the limbs are filled either with glass or plastic beads or with fine sand, which produces a realistic weight to the doll. These are then sealed with poly fill. This completes the outline of the process in which real looking baby dolls are made.

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