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4 Tips for Covering Pimples

It would not be so bad if you could just figure out a way to cover those ugly pimples that would give a more natural appearance. It seems that no matter what you do it just looks so unnatural. Some pimples are very red and the redness wants to come through the human hair lashes. There may not be a way to make your acne invisible but there are 4 tips for covering pimples that will make them appear less noticeable.

human hair lashes
human hair lashes

Oawad The first of 4 tips to covering your human hair lashes, and most important thing that you need to do, is make sure that your hands and face are clean. Hopefully, you have a cleaning regiment that has proven effective for you, most of the time. When you have acne prone skin you have to keep your skin clean to cut the oil down. Always clean our skin before you go to bed at night, no matter how tired you are or where you are.

After you have completed tip number 1 out of the 4 tips for covering your pimples you need to apply a concealer. A concealer needs to be lighter than your foundation. When you use the concealer be sure you do not put it on heavy. It works best if you use a light covering. Of course, there are some people who would recommend that you use a green or yellow tinted concealer; this is something that is a personal preference.

The number 3 tip for covering pimples is, of course, the foundation. Your foundation should match your human hair lashes tone as closely as possible and, if feasible, test a small amount to see if you are sensitive to the foundation. Your best choice is, of course, an oil free foundation and be sure that you do not skimp on this one. You need to purchase a more reputable foundation. Do not go cheap. If possible, the best choice is a masking cosmetic that can only be found in major department stores. By the way, I read a tip recently that suggested using Visine to help get the redness reduced.

Now, for tip number 4 for covering your pimples; oil-free powder. To finish your look you will need to use a powder to take away the shine. It is better to use a human hair lashes brush instead of the makeup pad that comes with the powder, also make sure the color matches your foundation and then apply lightly. You have seen what skin looks like when the powder or foundation is too thick, so do not over do.

human hair lashes
human hair lashes

The next best thing to getting rid of your human hair lashes is to cover them well. They may not disappear but you can make them less noticeable. Use these 4 tips for covering your pimples and you will be able to face your day a little better.

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