How to Keep a Room Tidy – Yes This Really Does Work

If you’re anything like me, or alternatively slightly normal, then you’ll know how clutter can accumulate like crud and detritus on the forest floor. Looking at it once can’t reveal any change, but after a few weeks there is a noticeable difference. The frustration is that by the time the clutter becomes obvious it’s already too late, and the mountainous job of clearing anything away just seems so hopeless we let all will power go High Quality 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale.

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Should Homer Simpson start eating doughnuts, he’ll be able to keep High Quality 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale belt in for a while, then after a lot of straining it goes in one lump. not one notch on the belt not two but all of them. This is analogous to mental attitude. I like to call this phenomenon: “The Slow moving and anarchistic Wombleantichrist effect”. After all, the Wombles of Wimbledon are tidy and clean.

Oawad To avoid the “Slow moving anarchistic Wombleantichrist effacett” you have to do what I also dreaded and hated, and put in a bit of effort. Every thing has to have a place, no matter how small. The incentive to stick to the regime is stronger when the room is tidy, so to start off with, you might like to give your room a big tidy.

Then identify the main source of the clutter, crud and detritus. For me it’s mostly books and clothes. For you it might be cups and bowls, stationary, paper, dirt, train tickets and used tissues.

Depending on occupation, whether you’re a family man or woman, and if your day time commitment is anything like that dude from Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange you might also have some fake High Quality 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale lying around, or a milk secreting doll.

Give each category of items a special place. For example, buy yourself a pencil case, or if you’re really lazy, use a tray so you can just chuck stationary in it with no effort. You might buy a new ring binder to keep documents in. Or even just use a large plastic seed tray on the nearest surface. Use shortcuts. If you understand that after a hard days work you’ll be too tired to be bothered putting a document in a ring binder, then don’t make it difficult for yourself. Allocate a place for documents that’s very, very, very easy to dump them in. You need to understand yourself. If a surface of a desk or chair is tempting you to put things on, then sort it out. Remove the temptation. Remove the surface, or put something really big on it so there’s no more space. By giving each “genre” of clutter a specific home, you make it easier to put things away as you go.

I use the technique of “ten minutes per day” for room tidying. For just 10 minutes, move things away to their proper place. You could make this part of your routine. After you get up and have a shower, spend 10 minutes tidying to let yourself air dry. Be sure to be ruthless with regards to the homes for your clutter. Pens and pencils must ALWAYS go into the pencil tray or case. Brushing anything to one side will only make the problem worse. It’s astonishing how much work you can get done in ten minutes, especially when you put your mind to it, and ESPECIALLY when it becomes a High Quality 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale habit.

High Quality 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale
High Quality 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

And, High Quality 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale as an added bonus. You will always be able to find what you’re looking for! Even I didn’t think of this when I started typing, but actually, it’s completely obvious. You’ll know if you’re the sort of person who forgets where your car keys are. So if all else fails and there’s no hope in the world for you being tidy. Use your car keys as a mobile phone charm. And set the alarm on the phone to go off 5 minutes before you leave for work. Problem solved!

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