How To Apply Mascara – No Smudging Involved

Applying mascara can sometimes be a daunting, messy affair – especially when you are rushed for time. One wrong move and you could risk ruining all of your efforts spent applying your customized 3d silk lashes.

customized 3d silk lashes
customized 3d silk lashes

Oawad In this article, you will learn how to apply mascara – with no smudging. And do you want to know the best bit? It won’t take more than one minute of your time! So, whether you are running late for work or need to drop the kids off to school – you will have the time to apply mascara without looking like a meerkat after!

OK, let’s begin!

First, we’re going to start by applying the mascara to our lower lashes. If you prefer not to wear mascara on your lower lashes, feel free to customized 3d silk lashes step one. But if you’re like me and love applying mascara to your top and lower lashes and just can’t get enough of it, please read on…

1. With your mascara wand in the preferred hand, gently tilt your head forward. Looking directly into the mirror, coat your lower lashes first by almost ‘wiggling’ the wand downwards from the root of your lashes to the ends. Make sure you’re not tugging at your lower eyelid in any way with the mascara wand. The bristles of the mascara should always be just above your lower lashes, so that you do get an even coating without dragging the wand against your skin. Your lower lashes should now look wet, separated and longer.

2. Dip your mascara wand back into the container for the next application. Do not pump your mascara up and down in the customized 3d silk lashes- this will only dry it out. Instead turn the wand inside of the container – it will pick up the product quicker than the “pumping” method.

3. Next, we move onto the top layer of our lashes. Start by tilting your head back this time, again looking directly into the mirror. Now, take your mascara wand and give your top lashes a good coating by gently moving the wand in a slow ‘zig-zag’ motion, from the root to the tips of your lashes.

starting from the root of the lashes is important, if you want your lashes to look thicker and more intense. This will also make your customized 3d silk lashes appear brighter in contrast to the darkness of your lashes. Applying the mascara all the way to the ends of your eyelashes will help them appear elongated. Again, as with the first step there should be no tugging on your eyelids. Your head should remain tilted back and your eyes firmly fixated on your reflection.

customized 3d silk lashes
customized 3d silk lashes

Feel free to apply a second coat of mascara, again starting on your lower customized 3d silk lashes first. The reason why we apply mascara to the lower lashes first and not last is because if you apply mascara on the top lashes first, when you tilt your head forward for your lower lashes – the mascara on the top layer of your lashes will smudge onto your eyelids due to the mascara not having had the chance to dry.

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