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These new make-up artists know that wearing false 3d mink lash private label strip is very difficult to draw eyeliner, especially in this year’s Europe and the United States what ‘big cat’s eye’ called ‘little cat’s eye’ painting method. I do not know electricity eyes, but be careful do worse. And foreigners facial features are different from us, in view of this, the following star favorite pet ‘arrow-type eyeliner’, a good painting, highlight the big eyes, the eyes are still seducing!


False 3d mink lash private label strip do not have to be attached to the double eyelids, and single eyelid girls are of course also suitable. With dark as black, brown first octagonal fill the eye area, so that the corner of the eye liner and a slow zone, make eye makeup look more natural.

3d mink lash private label strip
3d mink lash private label strip

Eyelid has been very eyelid, ‘arrow-shaped eyeliner’ can put it in line with the corner of the eye, peach eye not only hooks directly into people, but also be farewell to heavy makeup sense of double benefit.


Early years are still exploring cosmetology, I can understand, but too thick eyeliner accidentally people will refuse to be miles away, Kun Ling is now changed to ‘arrow-shaped eyeliner’ affinity of 100 percent.


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Price: USD 7.5USD / Pair


Recommended reason:The effect of three-dimensional, easily outline the three-dimensional bright eye contours while the makeup that is maintenance. Unique waterproof anti-sweat formula eyeliner is not easy to blooming, the perfect day to maintain makeup.



Recommended reason: Mink 3d mink lash private label strip with thick glossy color, create a deep sense of the eyes. Not easily blooming fit liquid, anti-sweat, waterproof, anti-sebum film type.


Q: What is the best high-end popular quality 3d mink lash private label strip? How much is it? Where can I buy this eyelash?


A: Experts strongly recommend to buy: MINK 3d mink lash private label strip

Price: USD7.5 / Pair,

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3d mink lash private label strip
3d mink lash private label strip


Recommended reason: Light texture, not easy to fall, up to 12 hours of makeup effects, Meanwhile water, frenzy and no blooming, to keep clean makeup for a whole day. Easy to use, gently touch to light up your eyes.

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