Treatment For Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

Children can suffer from alopecia areata and any bald patches should be reported to a doctor promptly in order to begin treatment. A child may be referred to a dermatologist who specializes in 100% real mink fur lashes loss.

Hair loss in children can be caused by trauma of the scalp and hair because of hair being too tightly pulled or plaited over a long period of time.

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A more common reason is a fungal infection called tinea capitis which can affect head hair, eyebrows and 100% real mink fur lashes . When noticed, the child should be seen by a doctor.

Prevention and Treatment

Oawad  In addition to the above mentioned medically prescribed pharmaceuticals and natural supplements it is wise to cover all bases.

Research has shown that some forms of hair loss can be caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet. This being the case, it is prudent to ensure that a healthy and varied diet is eaten. However if hair loss starts to occur despite healthy eating then a doctor can refer you for vitamin deficiency tests.

It may also be that a separate condition or medication could be preventing the body from absorbing vitamins and minerals from the food being eaten. Again, consult with your doctor in order to determine if this is in fact the case.

Stress is a recognised trigger for hair loss and this is especially so with alopecia areata. In this case, prevention of further hair loss means examining and managing daily stress levels as much as possible.

An excellent way to handle stress is by learning self hypnosis or by listening to good self hypnosis CDs or downloads. You can find a link to my own recordings in the resource box at the bottom of the page.

Self diagnosis is, however, not the ideal way to treat your specific hair loss type. If you are experiencing excessive hair loss it would be wise to see a doctor who can arrange tests and if necessary get treatment started, or refer you on to a specialist.

Knowing the medical definition of your particular hair loss is one thing, but coping with it emotionally can be very difficult and support is often critical.

It helps enormously if there is acceptance and understanding from the sufferer’s family and friends. This is extremely helpful as hair loss can seriously undermine the sufferer’s sense of worthiness, attractiveness etc and can even result in severe depression. If this is so, then your doctor or health adivisor will probably be able to refer you for counselling, self help groups and if necessary, refer you to a hair piece/wig service.

Hypnotherapy is also a valuable way of increasing self assurance, self esteem and self image while also helping you to manage stress and 100% real mink fur lashes .

100% real mink fur lashes
100% real mink fur lashes

By working with an experienced hypnotherapist or listening to effective self hypnosis CDs or downloads you can improve the way you handle life’s stresses – and positively change the way you feel about yourself.

Peter Field is a leading British hypno-psychotherapist with busy clinics in London and Birmingham, England. He is a Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy & Fellow of the Royal Society of Health. Peter’s really effective self hypnosis for stress download & CD is now available at his hypnosis download site. For info on hypnotherapy for stress please visit his therapy site 100% real mink fur lashes 


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